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Our Goal

 Secular music will always be in our pathway, but Jewish music is in our soul. 

     It is our goal at MKP to help make Jewish music current, available and fun for Jewish children, teens and adults, providing a forum for Jewish artists in music and helping develop their talents as a speakers, musicians, writers and singers.

     MKP has united our community through concerts and events throughout the greater Los Angeles area, helping artists to hone their talents and develop the confidence and strength needed to pursue their goals.  

     Many of our previous students have become leaders in their communities, davening for Shabbas and High Holiday services, becoming speakers as community representatives, giving classes (shurim) for their communities and much much more. 

     We stand strong developing the finest Klal Yisroel has to offer through the building blocks of Torah, Chesed and Tzedukah.  

Contact Us at: 818 939-7075

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