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Diana Warshawsky

So many influences and so little time!  First memories - taking piano lessons and performing in recitals at age 5.  Writing my own beginner pieces with notes and words.  Standing next to the family grand piano singing jazz standards to my father's swinging keyboard style (Ted Makower - he earned his way through dental school playing gigs in San Francisco).  Being introduced to the music of Berle Ives, the Weavers, Pete Seeger, Theodore Bikel, Malvina Reynolds and Richard Dyer-Bennet by my Uncle Ben - a Berkeley chemist.  Replacing piano with Guitar at age 14  - performing folk and blues (influenced by listening to Bessie Smith, Paul Butterfield Blues Band, Joan Baez and Bob Dylan, and so many others) whenever and wherever I could including, later at San Francisco State University and many Bay Area coffee houses.  Putting music to every nursery rhyme I read to my children (and now to grandchildren).  Julie Kelly's Jazz Vocal Workshops - life changing.  And having a chance to contribute to Marilyn Kay's music projects - life affirming!!  Married for over 40  years to Beni Warshawsky who encourages me and makes all my efforts worthwhile. Please check out some of my music available for listening online:

Xianna Michaels

Xianna Michaels is a published poet, novelist and artist. Some of the songs on this album are excerpts of her poems. We are especially excited to have put "A World to Light" to music. This piece is from her stunning book: Mindel and the Misfit Dragons which she wrote, hand lettered and illustrated. Please see her website: for more information.

Peshy Stulberger

Peshy Stulberger has been a Pre1 A teacher for 35 years. Honored by Shaarey Zedek Synagogue and Emek Hebrew Academy for her years of teaching and community service, Peshy has given of her life to helping others. Peshy has also been writing Jewish music  ever since high school. She is well known for composing  the Devakus version of Nar Hayissi and has added Yesushalayim Harim,  Peshy's Niggun and many others to her repertoire. 

Marilyn Kay

Marilyn has been writing and producing music programs, videos, and audio recordings for over 35 years. Lo Yisa Goy, Yeverechacha, Sim Shalom to name just a few.

The following people also contributed to the musical compositions on album on this site:
Chaya Gitty Smith, Rabbi Moshe Samuels, and Drew Allsbrook.

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