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About the Producer

Marilyn Kay has been in the Jewish music business for over 30 years.

Marilyn Kay

Marilyn Kay was born and raised in New Orleans and has been involved with music her entire life. She is well known in the greater Los Angeles community for her boys and girls choirs, children's orchestra, and serving as musical director for Yeshiva Yavneh writing and directing 8 shows from 1998 to 2004.  In 1996 Marilyn produced her 1st boys choir album, "Rananu", with the Voice of LA Boy's Choir. She produced 2 women's choir albums, "Yeverechacha" by Rayoot Women's Choir in 2000 and "Nishmas" by Shireynu in 2017. During Covid 19 Marilyn produced a girls' choir and boys' choir video in lieu of a final performance. And in 2022, she produced two new music videos on YouTube; Sim Shalom and Always Here by Voice of LA Boys' Choir. . Marilyn continues to introduce professional original Jewish music to us all.


A member of Hot Schmaltz Orchestra at its inception 32 years ago, Marilyn conducts and plays flute with the orchestra for events throughout Los Angeles. 

As wife of Dr. Martin Kay, mother and grandmother, Marilyn hopes to continue to share Jewish music and inspire those who listen for many years to come.  

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